Wedding Anniversary Celebrationdecor Ideas Old Memories Display Ideas

Decor Tips:Wedding Anniversary Celebrationdecor Ideas Old Memories Display Ideas Anniversary Party Decor Ideas

Old coupled memories of picture display, balloon decoration at silver jubilee.

Decor Tips. Monday , August 06th , 2018

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Themes of decoration: As per the number of years of the anniversary the preferred colors could be chosen or as per the wish of the couple.  And it should be the same for all the party decors. A white tablecloth with violet lace handkerchiefs sprinkled with gold metallic confetti could be a sight to remember for a long time.  Balloons, banners, paper cuttings, candles, lightings, quotes and wishes with the best photo of the couple could be all displayed in the party room for entertaining the guests and making a wonderful memory.
Anniversary decorations did innovatively and in an imaginative manner could be a day remembered not only by the anniversary couple but also for the guests to cherish life with their loved ones and to celebrate many anniversaries in future.


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