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Bathroom:Enchanting Bathroom Grey Tiles   Bathroom Tiles Ideas Grey Bathroom tiles ideas

The modern enchanting grey is evergreen tile pattern for bathroom flooring which always make bathroom look cool.
credit: themandrel.com

Bathroom. Saturday , July 07th , 2018

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3 ‘Work on floor’
This is a smart move to save some extra bucks and the look of your bathroom will be amazing. The trick is simple. You leave all the walls as they are and have tiles only on the floor of the bathroom. To give the best look to your bathroom you can whitewash the walls with a waterproof paint and go for some designer tiles for the floor. You can go for pattern tiles such as small blocks pattern, crossed lines, etc. You can also go for a specific colour tiles or anything you think will look good in your bathroom. You can also go for border painted tiles.


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