Minimal White Adorable Curtains Kids Room Decor Simple Ideas

Kids Room:Minimal White Adorable Curtains Kids Room Decor Simple Ideas Curtains Ideas and Design for Kids Room

The minimal white color curtains give a fresh and new look to kid’s room.

Kids Room. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018

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 Types of curtains:

  • Blackout curtains: These curtains block the sunlight and the noise from entering the kid's room and thus giving the kid the much-required sleep for its growth.
  • Stigma curtains: These high-quality luxury curtains are made from premium grade fabric for that cozy look in the kid's room. The designs done by qualified artisans bring out the imagination of the kids and are the best for a kid’s room.

The stigma curtains come with a contemporary pencil pleating with an eyelet to give a memorable impression every time the kid enters the room.

  • Theme Curtains: Curtains are custom designed with themes as per the desires of the kids and made accordingly to suit them. These include cartoons and many more which are designed by artisans of repute and digitally printed.  They specify a theme for the kids which could include the bedspreads, bed sheets, and pillow covers.

The themes could be of various kinds:

  • Fairy
  •    Fairy and unicorn
  •    Farm theme
  •    Paris streets
  •    Rock and Roll
  •    Mermaid theme
  •   Formula 1
  •   Transport theme
  •   `Golu molu
  •    Robot
  •    Cartoon character themes
  •    Fashion theme
  •    Animal theme
  •     Birds theme
  •     Jungle theme
  •     Floral theme
  •     Barbie theme
    And many more.

Curtains come in many sizes, shapes and in multi colors with ruffles and frills as per the kid's desire and also with suitable loop ties of various kinds to tie the curtains.


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