Cute Decor In The Outdoor Garden Space Living Area Design

Living Area:Cute Decor In The Outdoor Garden Space Living Area Design Decor outdoor living area

Simple and cute white sofa and a tea table in the garden. Great refreshing place for a person with a hard day course. Floral aroma and the cool breeze make everyone like this awesome place. Credit:

Living Area. Sunday , July 01st , 2018

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6 A bonfire place
The most attractive and satisfying thing for outdoor is a bonfire. I am sure you had a dream that you, with your friends or family, are sitting near bonfire with soft breeze touching you and passing by. Some light music and talks. This is the most common dream we all had. So now when it's time you can live it. There is not a very detailed setup for a bonfire but care needs to be taken as anything bad can happen. Bonfire, whether in Patio or in Garden, should not be very close to furniture especially sofa or a couch as they are made up of material which can catch fire easily.


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