Square Floating Shelves Simplistic Design Living Area Decor Interior

Decor Tips:Square Floating Shelves Simplistic Design Living Area Decor Interior Floating shelves ideas

The square shaped floating shelves on simple white walls looks good and elegant.
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Decor Tips. Friday , July 13th , 2018

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A combination of Glass and light:
This is one of the most modern floating shelf ideas that is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the interior designers wanting to do something absolutely modern. An LED glass floating shelf can be a great idea for lighting up and making a corner or a niche captivating to the eye as soon as one enters that particular space. This is a very modern concept because of which it should be meticulously placed in a space which complements its chic style. If it is being placed in a room which has vintage or contemporary style furnishing, then it might spoil the existing look of the space. So an experienced designer can definitely help in picking up the right choice of floating shelf idea.


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