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Bathroom:Cottage Country Decor Design For Small Bathroom Ideas   Small Bathroom Decor Design And Ideas How to decor a small bathroom?

Bathroom. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018

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Before we move ahead towards the small bathroom decorating ideas, let us discuss some of the elements to consider:

  • Do not disturb the existing pattern: Your aim is to add a touch of creativity to your small bathroom, and not to refurbish it completely. Hence, keep the existing pattern intact and think of some coolest ideas of decorating it.
  • Be minimalist but classy: This is the thumb rule while decorating a small bathroom. You should not load your bathroom in large-sized pieces. But choose antique ones and those that match with your home theme.
  • Take care of your budget: Be specific and decorate your bathroom within your fixed budget.
  • Keep scope for more space: Your new bathroom plan should be such that it gives scope for more space. When you enter the bathroom, you should not feel blocked up but should feel free to move around, even if it is small in size.

Here are some of the brilliant ideas to decorate your small bathroom.
Use soothing colors
Use colors that are soothing for the mind and not overwhelming as you enter the small powder room. For instance, colors such as white, off-white and wood always top the list. You can add a tile pattern to the flooring and choose white tiles. So, instead of using a typical rug and blocking up the space, the tiled floor adds a creative and permanent touch. Due to the white and off-white combination, the bathroom looks peaceful and calm.


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