Artsy Living Room Setup Ideas With Glass Globe Chandelier

Living Room:Artsy Living Room Setup Ideas With Glass Globe Chandelier HOW TO SET UP LIVING ROOM?

Creative unique glass globe chandelier in this artsy living room is a middle point on the concrete wall. Credit:

Living Room. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018


Arranging a great room: Whatever is the space of your living room it could be arranged with furniture to its best. The focal point of the effective arrangement should be the French doors. The French window which is casement windows to the floor level is the key to any living room. If homes without French doors fireplace or any good ventilated window could be the cornerstone of the living room design.
Symmetrical furniture arrangements: Furniture should be arranged symmetrically to give a better view and space. The face to face conversations and space to accommodate not only the family members but also the guests in a proper way is provided by symmetrical arrangement. An L shape is a common arrangement with chairs to help in need.
Diagonal furniture arrangement: Diagonal arrangement of the room gives the boxy look of a luxury hotel lounge. This also provides extra space in the living room with a welcoming pathway. The sofa and coffee table could be arranged accordingly to establish a diagonal axis and the additional seating also on the same axis. The floor rug is to align accordingly with the focal point to provide a diagonal arrangement.


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