Royal Luxury Gold Color Theme Based Living Room Sets Ideas

Living Room:Royal Luxury Gold Color Theme Based Living Room Sets Ideas Luxury living room sets ideas

A king’s luxury living room with marble statues hanging lamps and matching furniture sets.
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Living Room. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018

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Diverse textures and fabric:
This proves to be a very creative idea if appropriate design principles are being adopted. A variety of textures, fabrics, and colors in one space can look extravagant and expensive if all of these different entities goes well with each other. If the creativity is being stretched and conducted in a sound manner, it can definitely give a very rich look and ambiance to space. The fabrics that can range from velvet to heavily printed textures ones for the sofa set. It can be complemented by the translucent side and front table set. The design can be enhanced more with the use of contrasting color scheme for the furniture and walls of the room. Different permutations and combinations can be tried to achieve the desired luxurious and elegant look for the living room set.


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