Hanging Wooden Rack Quilt For Placing Clothes Standing Ideas

Home Decor:Hanging Wooden Rack Quilt For Placing Clothes Standing Ideas Quilt rack for hanging clothes

The cool wooden standing quilt racks for hanging clothes
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Home Decor. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018

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A wall shelf with a quilt rack-
This idea is quite innovative and is extremely useful for saving some extra space as it serves a dual purpose. On the top, there is a shelf which can be used to keep decorative items and under it, rods are attached to make it a quilt rack. Hang your clothes on the rods and if you wish to increase its capacity just add a few extra rods. This idea is quite unique and looks different.
A folding hanging quilt rack-
The best thing about a folding quilt rack is that you can close it whenever it is not being used. Just open the various branch like wooden rods attached to a centerpiece that is embedded in the wall. Open up the branches whenever you want to hang your clothes. This design surely will catch the attention of the visitors.


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