Abstract Design Rugs Modern Living Area Classic Colored Ideas

Living Area:Abstract Design Rugs Modern Living Area Classic Colored Ideas Rugs ideas for living room

The colors of blue and green combination in abstract pattern and round shaped rugs with minimal color sofas changes the serenity of living area.
credit: rmccc.org

Living Area. Thursday , July 12th , 2018

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A piece of art on the walls:
Rugs are generally used as decorative elements on the floor surfaces. But an extremely creative way of using the rugs could be on the walls as a piece of art. Sometimes one of the blank walls in the living room of the house can create a hurdle in sustaining the chic appearance of the space. But alleviating the appearance of the space as a whole with the use of a decorative rug with some captivating texture or pattern could be a great idea. There is various small scale to large scale companies supplying such interior décor and furniture items which are exclusively handmade. A handmade rug could be a fascinating alternative for this idea of décor.


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