Abstract Design Rugs Modern Living Area Classic Colored Ideas

Living Area:Abstract Design Rugs Modern Living Area Classic Colored Ideas Rugs ideas for living room

The colors of blue and green combination in abstract pattern and round shaped rugs with minimal color sofas changes the serenity of living area.
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Living Area. Thursday , July 12th , 2018

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Connecting elements:
There are wide varieties in the plans of different spaces according to the location and space availability by the designer. There are certain rooms in the house which can have an interconnected plan in perpendicular or adjacent manner. These spaces connected with the living room can often look very perplexing to perceive and view. But such spaces along with the living space can be made enthralling with the placement of rugs in a pattern which helps in connecting these spaces visually. It can prove to be a great visual treat to the eyes if placed in a meticulous manner.
Apart from the above ideas, there are different styles of rugs that can be creatively amalgamated with the furniture items in different spaces like reading room, dining room, bedroom and even bathroom.


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