PVC Pipe Ideas Shoe Rack Storage Pattern Design Classic White Nice Ideas

Home Decor:PVC Pipe Ideas Shoe Rack Storage Pattern Design Classic White Nice Ideas Shoe storage ideas

Smartly positioned PVC pipes ideas for creating shoe rack.
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Home Decor. Wednesday , September 19th , 2018

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Under the staircase:
This is one of the space in the house which is not often put to any use. This can be an ideal space to install a drawer or shelf that can be pulled horizontally towards the outer side which will make it convenient to use and store the shoes. It is the best option to choose as it saves a lot of space and also helps in utilizing the unused and waste space in an optimum manner. The shelves should be designed of different sizes to make it very convenient and effortless for use and storage. This can be used for storage of shoes in a small house which has restrictions of area and space.
Ladder design:
This is one of the modern ideas used for the display and storage of fancy and expensive shoes in the bedroom. It involves storage of shoes on the ladder in the empty and secluded corner of the room. The placement of the ladder in the room forms a very crucial aspect as it can substantially manipulate the look and feel of the space. Also, it should not interfere with the other furniture items in the bedroom so that it avoids the cluttering of multiple components in the room. The customized ladder can also be designed of different shapes and sizes to make it a sculpted piece of décor in the room along with a storage option.


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