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  • Small balconies décor ideas
    When it comes to small balconies most of us tend to do with sparse or utilitarian looks; the most common feature among most of the small balconies is that it would contain little by way of decoration or décor. Perhaps, it is time that we changed that once and for all; after all a well-decorated balcony should go very well with the rest of the room and even prove to be refreshing venues, where you can relax. Just check out some of these cool small balconies décor ideas.

    The sparse look: You can just decorate the balcony with a couple of chairs, add a touch of green with a local shrub and you should be set. Even a balcony décor that borders on minimalism is better than having no décor at all. You can customize the furniture with matching fabrics, add a few recessed lights for the night and you should be set.

    The tree trunk: Using a tree trunk instead of a table allows you to make a fashion statement of sorts. You can use the trunk as a table, the natural sort or even as a stand for your plants. The point is that adding natural elements to the décor only serves to highlight the best in it. You can also use creepers in your balcony, the hanging sort, to the side so as to give it that curtained look.

    Trinkets: You can decorate the balcony with little trinkets that mean a lot to you; it can range from old pictures of your children to small sculptures that go well with the rest of the furniture that’s out on the balcony. Additionally, you can also incorporate religious statues as well to lend it a flavour. But make sure that you decorate your balcony with more than few plants as a finishing touch.

    Mediterranean design: One of the ways to make your balcony stand out is to populate it with some Mediterranean style furniture. Along with this, a few well-placed plants should add to the ambience and you should soon have a pleasant, green balcony in which you can sit down and relax, at the end of a long, gruelling day.

    Flower pots: if you are not sure how to decorate your balcony, well you could never go wrong with flower pots. For one, flower pots add a dash of colour and fragrance to the immediate area and for another; they certainly lend your balcony a touch of class. You can either go in for the terracotta ones or better yet, you could go for the metal base which you can then hang up to the sides of the balcony. There’s a lot that you can do with flower pots which is why that’s the first thing that you would have to consider when decorating your balcony.

    Vintage: If you are going for that vintage look, then you can get a new wooden floor laid down, with old-fashioned seats, and flower decorations. You can decorate your whole balcony so that it has that whole vintage look down pat. The vintage look should enable your balcony to stand out for all the right reasons.

    Japanese: If you are a big fan of all things Japanese, then you may want to go for Japanese décor; all you would need is a bamboo wall décor, swing, rock garden and you should be set. All that would be MIA would be a few Bonsai plants which can easily be rectified with a trip to the local botanist. A japans décor would always get the right amount of attention.

    Simple: Or you could always go for something down to earth and simple; a plastic chair, a plastic table, cushions and that’s it. This simple décor is what we often depend on and one that always comes through in spades. You do not have to spend money on getting a bamboo wall set up but just spend some money on getting the requisite pots for a few flowering plants. And now you have a decorated balcony that you can relax in comfort.

    These are some of the small balcony décor ideas; granted that some of the ideas may be a tad expensive but the end result, makes it all the more worthwhile.

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